Special alloys

A special activity of the firm NIMETAL is the buyout of highly alloyed, heat resistant fireproof steels but also of the other ones.

It is the matter of any alloys with Ni, Co, Mo, Cr, W, Ti, Cu and Fe like incoloy, inconel, kovar, hastelloy, monel, Jinonic, 330, 311, 310, 310 S, carpanter, invar.

The firm also liquidates rapid steels of the type T1 up to T15 of the tungsten type and M1 – M44 of the molybdenum type.

The material is bought out in any form – piece, powder, chips and sheet metal.

Container transportation

Container transportation

Odvoz odpadu zabezpečujeme vlastní kontejnerovou dopravou.

šrot, sypký materiál, sutě, bio odpad

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NIMETAL spol. s r.o.

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