Battery recycling

  • Recyklace akumulátorůOddělení sběru NiCd akumulátorů
  • Zpětný odběr Pb akumulátorů
  • Zpětný odběr NiCd, Li-ion, NiMH akumulátorů

The liquidation of Ni Cd, Ni Fe accumulators belongs to the most important activities of the company NIMETAL Czech republic.

The accumulators are liquidated in cooperation with specialized metallurgical plants of EC with the aim to return all the metals contained in accumulators back into the production process.

The company NIMETAL accepts to liquidation any types of used accumulators containing Ni, Cd, Fe (NiCd, NiFe).

In the Czech Republic the company works in the system of back acceptance and is responsible for collection and liquidation of accumulators on the entire territory of the state.

Every activity is governed by applicable laws about the protection of environment of the Czech Republic and EC. The company NIMETAL acts on worldwide scale in the area of collection and ecological utilization of rejected industrial accumulators.

Container transportation

Container transportation

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